Heroes Beer Co. KOBO-SAN



宇宙工匠 KOBO-SAN天生擅長同各種新奇嘅生物建立聯繫,雖然每一個聯繫最終都會隨時間消逝,但係已經足以令佢掌握發酵嘅奧秘,出神入化咁融入烹飪之中。一次意外,令佢突然擁有將任何有機體永遠融合嘅魔法。 KOBO-SAN利用手中嘅魔法錘,創造出一個個充滿奇異生命嘅空間。每一次創造,都成為佢嘅一部份;但每一次佢都決意放手,任由呢啲宇宙行出屬於自己嘅軌跡。 多個宇宙毀滅與重生之後,KOBO-SAN喺一個宇宙中,同一種充滿梅子香氣同多層次乳酸嘅黑麴建立咗一種不可分割嘅聯繫,佢嘅命運從此改寫... In the realm of celestial wonders, Kobo-san was born with an affinity for weaving connections with novel organic entities, only to see them dissolve in time. His fascination gravitated towards the alchemic dance of fermentation that bestowed culinary ecstasy. As if the cosmos reveled in jest, an enigmatic curse bestowed upon him the power to bind in eternal matrimony any life he touched. Defying fate, he wielded his enchanted mallet of luck, birthing uncharted domains brimming with outlandish organic phenomena. Though each creation became a cherished fragment of his essence, he relinquished them to the tides of existence. Two cosmic cycles elapsed, a world emerged wherein he forged an indissoluble union with aspergillus luchuensis – a dark koji bearing the essence of plums in its robust bouquet and exuding an eloquent symphony of lactic piquancy. From that point forth, destiny inscribed its tale...